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It is easy for you to find the loan that suits your needs best. By filling out one simple online form we will be able to determine exactly which kind of loan will suit your needs the most be it a payday loan, debt consolidation, emergency cash loan or a logbook loan.

In the modern age, our accounts and information are being collected every time we turn our heads. It is our company policy that we will not share any of your personal information with any third party company. We will never sell your data to anyone.

We only work with the most reputable lenders from across the UK. This means that you will never be taken advantage of with hidden fees or false promises. Only the very best and most suitable UK lenders will be put forward when you make your application.

Representative Example:
305.9% APR. £400 borrowed for 90 days.
Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31.
Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% (variable)

Please note:
LoanLingo is NOT a lender – we are a licensed broker working with the most popular direct lenders in the market to find you the most suitable short-term loan plan. Our FREE quoting service compares more than 40 lenders quickly and finds you a lender with the lowest rate that they are willing to lend to you today.

Rates from 45.3% APR to 1575% APR – we provide a no obligation quote, your APR will be based on your personal circumstances





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Poor Credit Loans: When and How to Get Them

For many — if not the majority — of people and businesses around the world, loans and other loan services do not only make an important tool for but perhaps are the only means to their very financial survival. Over the decades, individuals and their households, as well as businesses big and small have become increasingly dependent on loans. And because the increasing demands for loans have inevitably led to a growing number of borrowers who were unable to pay off their loans, traditional lending firms such as banks and other similar institutions have decided to devise a system that would help significantly decrease the number of borrowers who are likely incapable of paying off their debts. Through this system, individuals with income levels that fall short of what the lending firms have set as the minimum were automatically given poor credit scores, while those who repeatedly missed out on their monthly bills found their records automatically reflect their bad payment histories. With this credit scoring system in place, conventional lending firms and institutions were able to successfully put a curb on the number of their delinquent accounts, while also being able to successfully meet the growing demands for poor credit cash loans at the same time. But while this credit scoring system proved to be helpful for the lending firms, it proved to be detrimental for the borrowers with bad credit. Because individuals with poor credit scores and bad payment histories were automatically disqualified and precluded from securing any more loan services from any of the conventional lending firms, they were often left with very few choices in times of urgent financial crises. Since borrowers with bad credit could no longer secure loans from the lending firms, they were often left to choose between borrowing money from their friends or members of their families, or procuring loans from the lenders operating unlawfully. And because borrowing from friends or family is not always likely, many end up taking poor credit cash loans from lenders operating illegally. And while the latter option does provide them with the temporary financial relief that they need, the long-term consequences of the extremely high interest rates inherent to these loan services often leave them in even worse financial crises. But as the number of borrowers with bad credit continued to soar, an entirely new market made up of those with poor credit was eventually created. With the emergence of this market, as well as the increasing demands for more affordable and more secure loan services, it didn’t take long before the lending firms took notice. And as they strived to address the needs of this market, innovative new financial services were soon introduced to borrowers with bad credit. With these innovative new financial solutions, borrowers now have access to poor credit cash loans. why choose poor credit cash loans

Poor Credit Cash Loans: When to Get Loans for Poor Credit

Through the latest advancements in technology, as well as the continuous evolution of the lending industry, borrowers with bad credit now have better and far more affordable alternatives. While borrowers with bad credit used to have very few options, the recent innovations in the lending industry have paved the way for more flexible and much more secure loan solutions. Among the most in-demand of the new loan services that were fairly recently introduced to the market are the poor credit cash loans, which are loans developed especially for borrowers with bad credit. With poor credit cash loans, borrowers no longer have to suffer perpetuated financial crises due to their bad credit. And because applications for poor credit cash loans only require submission of basic documents, borrowers need not worry about having to gather incredibly difficult to procure requirements.

Poor Credit Cash Loans and Instant Loans: Finding Reliable Loan Solutions

Among the most sought-after of the innovative new loan solutions are instant loans and poor credit cash loans. With these types of financial solutions, borrowers now have instant access to financial resolutions in times of desperate situations. Through poor credit cash loans and instant loan services, borrowers now have instantaneous access to many different financial services. And since applications for these financial services can now be accomplished completely over the internet, borrowers now have the convenience of being able to submit their applications even right straight out of the comfort of their own homes. With these innovative loan solutions, borrowers can now expect for their applications to be processed right after they were submitted, and their approvals can now be completed in as little as just a few minutes. The release of funds for approved loan applications, on the other hand, can now be expected in as little as mere hours after they were submitted. Because of these convenient features, poor credit cash loans and instant loans make excellent financial resolutions for urgent financial situations. But because poor credit cash loans and instant loans are only small loans that are typically to be paid over in short term payment conditions, these types of loan services do not make good solutions in more complicated financial situations. In such financial conditions, borrowers are best off procuring secured loans that are payable in long term payment conditions.

Poor Credit Cash Loans from Direct Lenders: The Pros and Cons

Because loan brokers normally charge a fee for their financial services, borrowers are more inclined to secure loans directly from the lenders. What many are unaware of, however, is that there are far more benefits that they can only avail of with the help of loan brokers’ services. Because loan brokers have massive connections to numerous different lender across numerous different areas, they have extensive access to all the different promotions and discounts that are being offered by these lenders across their many different services. While it’s true that borrowers do get to save a minimal amount by not having to pay for loan brokers’ services, borrowers who secure loans through these services enjoy far more benefits. And because loan brokers offer expert financial assistance to their clients, borrowers are ensured the best loan options according to their unique financial situations. why choose poor credit cash loans






  • We promise to do our absolute best to find you a plan that fits your particular circumstances.
  • We will do our utmost to make sure that you fully understand every step of the process and especially the payment plan.
  • We will not charge you for our service and we will never add any hidden charges to the plan.
  • We will always help you if you should need it, all you need to do is use our Contact Us Form if any issue should arise.
  • We only use reputable UK lenders that are, to the best of our knowledge, entirely trustworthy.
  • We will not accept applicants that we do not believe are entirely capable of repaying the amount borrowed.
  • We will never give out a loan to someone we feel will be unable to meet the requirements given by the lenders.
  • We are a broker, not a lender, and we will act as such in all circumstances.

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LOANLINGO IS A CREDIT BROKER AND NOT A LENDER. We pass your information to a lender once you have been accepted for a plan. We take a fee from the lender only, once you’re approved and we do not add charges to your plan in doing so.
YOU MUST MAKE ALL AGREED PAYMENTS TO AVOID LEGAL ACTION. If for any reason you will be unable to pay the agreed instalment then contact us immediately. Do not ignore the issue as a default payment will not solve itself.
NEVER BORROW MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD. Defaulting on payments can lead to serious and life changing financial issues. Make sure you only accept an agreement that is within your ability to repay.
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